Energy Procurement Services

Although the concept of energy supply procurement is straightforward the execution is anything but.  The energy commodities market is one of the most complicated in the world.  Finding the best supplier, lowest price and an appropriate contract and terms is complex and extremely time-consuming.  Most commercial energy customers need a strategic partner with full-time market immersion to manage their energy needs. 


Poor energy procurement decisions can be expensive.  Energy prices fluctuate daily, which can significantly affect your energy bill and performance against budget.  By taking a proactive approach to buying energy, you can better control your costs.


Prior to deregulation the utility market in each state was monopolized.  One utility provided all three components of energy service: supply, transmission, distribution.  Electricity deregulation only affects the supply part of the business, giving you a choice of which company supplies your power.  Round Hill Energy helps our customers in deregulated states manage supply costs.  


In 1992 congress passed the National Energy Policy Act, which allowed consumers the power to choose their energy supplier, while the transmission and distribution is still regulated and is the responsibility of the local utility company. 







  • Electricity generated at a power plant

  • Sold in a wholesale market

  • Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand


Distribution refers to is the transportation of electricity from the receiving station to your business via wires and pipelines.

Transmission refers to the transportation of the large electricity supply from its source (e.g., a power plant) to the utility’s receiving station

This is where we help!

Your Strategic Energy Partner

Round Hill Energy negotiates with regional and national energy suppliers to find our customers the best rates and contract terms available in today's market place