Round Hill reduces how much energy our customers use by replacing outdated lighting with efficient solutions.  Typically a retrofitted lighting fixture requires 65% less power than an outdated original.


As a rule, if a building's lighting is more than 3 years old it is most likely inefficient and in need of upgrading.  We provide this service in every state.

Energy Efficient Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are available in all 50 states, but state and federal regulations can vary widely both in how to get started and type of incentive.


Round Hill works directly with your local utility company to identify and maximize rebate potential. Our experience and expertise in working with local utility companies throughout the nation helps to ensure you are getting optimal savings and it also minimizes your investment in time and resources that can be spent in navigating through the details of incentive program qualification and implementation.

Benefits of Upgrading your Lighting

• Lower electrical costs
• Reduced heat emissions from inefficient bulbs resulting in reduced cooling demands
• A decrease in the annoying frequency of light bulb replacement, as energy efficient light bulbs last far longer
• Less landfill waste due to reduced replacement intervals
• Energy rebates from your local utility provider and tax credits from local and federal sources
• Protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gases thanks to reduced energy use

Efficiency Services